Recycling Facilities.

These facilities not only recycle all of the Company’s construction and demolition materials, but also provide greater capacity for other demolition and construction companies as well as contractors and councils to dispose of their solid waste materials efficiently for recycling

Recycling Centres Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

7am - 12pm

Public Holidays

We accept:
Clean Concrete No Charge
Clean Rock (Less than 500mm) No Charge
Clean Brick Charges apply
We don't accept:  
Asbestos, material containing asbestos, cars or trailers  
Domestic or contaminates waste, bitumen & liquid wastes  
We sell:  
Recycled crushed concrete & brick products  

City Circle Recycling

Brooklyn Recycling Plant

End of Jones Road Brooklyn
VIC 3012
Phone/Fax: 9318 0226

Dandenong Recycling Plant

128-142 Ordish Road
Dandenong South VIC 3175
Phone: 9706 4683 Fax: 9706 6996

Melton Recycling Plant

17- 31 Ferris Road Melton South Victoria
VIC 3338.
Sales 0401 101 275
Weighbridge 0423 693 589