recycled products1

Recycled Products

recycled products2City Circle Recycling has a dedicated recycling division to maximise C&D waste materials recovery and has invested in static and mobile crushing plants along with specialist ancillary equipment to process material at its source, or at the company’s recycling centre.

City Circle Recycling recovers the following materials and processes them into a range of quality recycled products:

  • Concrete – crushed and processed into a range of VicRoads specification road base, pavement and fill products
  • Rock /floaters – processed into crushed rock aggregates
  • Masonry & brick rubble – paving base
  • Ferrous and non- ferrous metals – recycled scrap

Today, City Circle Recycling is one of the leaders in this field in Victoria and has considerable capacity to process and supply a comprehensive range of high quality recycled concrete, rock, brick rubble and timber products to the Victorian construction industry.