Our Training & Induction Policy

At the commencement of each new project, the Foreman and/or Project Supervisor will brief the employees on the specific nature of the Project.

Safety procedures will be determined and all members of the crew receive a copy of the Company Safety Policy. Expectations of the wearing of safety clothing and other protective gear will be revised. Employees without appropriate safety equipment will have that equipment ordered for them.

Specific demolition procedures (work methods) are explained, as will specific tasks required within the scope of the project. Ongoing updates will take place should the scope of works alter throughout the life of the project.


Ongoing on the job training takes place, involving experienced Foreman and other personnel who have a policy to train those less experienced in the skills involved in the demolition industry. Specifically, skills involved in oxy acetylene and other cutting equipment are continually revised to ensure safe work practices are maintained on all projects. Short courses in specialist areas are encouraged to ensure that all personnel are multi-skilled.


It is the intention of City Circle to develop all employees into a multi-skilled workplace. There are many tasks in the demolition industry that rely on specialist training and City Circle offers all of its employees the opportunity to extend individual skills.

It is also our intention to offer new employees, after suitable experience and a thorough grounding on project sites, the opportunity to obtain an Operators’ License, which would enable them to operate machinery. Certificates for crane and excavator operators, dogmen etc. are offered to anyone interested in developing their skills and industry expertise.

The Company uses the Industry Skills Training Centre to conduct the relevant suitably accredited courses.