OHS Policy

The City Circle Group maintains the highest standards in Occupational Health & Safety. With every project and in all of our workplaces and facilities –Health and Safety is the key priority. It is unacceptable to us that anyone should be hurt as a result of our activities.

City Circle always places the safety of workers and the general public above every other consideration and project priority. Each project is undertaken with a specifically structured OHS plan and this is maintained throughout the project.

It is vital for that City Circle achieves and maintains an accident free workplace. The Company has a culture, which recognises the value of our people as our greatest asset. Accordingly, their health and safety is our primary consideration and underpins every project and every one of our workplaces.

At the outset of every project during the initial project planning, dedicated safe work methods are implemented as part of the overall OHS plan and these are closely monitored on a daily basis and at weekly toolbox meetings. City Circle regards a safe working record as an achievement and works hard to maintain an excellent standard and culture of safety management throughout the Company’s operations.

As a member of the DCAV, the MBA and the CCF, City Circle also works within the industry to improve safety standards and methodologies