Woolworths Future Site

City Block Shops and other Demolition - Launceston

City Circle Demolition was invited to tender for the demolition to make way for a future Woolworth’s development site in Launceston. The organisation required to establish a site over the water was extensive but went very smoothly and the men on the ground were quickly set and moved into the works. A large preliminary on the job was Hazardous Materials removal which was contracted out to a local licenced removalist. We were able to work efficiently in tandem.

The works entailed the demolition of several shops, office buildings and a large hotel all including areas of paving. The street frontages are visible in the images and we were well organised and dealt with all the protection measures effectively and efficiently. City Circle has developed a good reputation in a short space of time over a small number of projects. Future works are planned in Tasmania for our group.