stoke house1

Stoke House - St Kilda Vic.

An Emergency Response project.

The Stoke House is one of Melbourne’s most iconic eating places on the beach at St. Kilda and was burnt out in January 2014 while in full operation. High winds hampered the fire brigade’s efforts to save the structure which was destroyed in the blaze.

City Circle Demolition quickly mobilised and undertook the removal of the old structure and site clearing, which was completed within 24 hours. It was important that this work was undertaken quickly so there was minimal impact on the busy Jacka Boulevard, a major arterial route for Melbourne’s beachside suburbs.  

Because of the excellent performance of City Circle Demolition’s emergency response, a replacement restaurant was commenced almost immediately after the demolition was finalised. City Circle teams worked in shifts to clear the site in one of the fastest and most efficient site clearance projects the company has ever undertaken.