Porsche Cars Australia

Silo Demolition – Victoria Parade, Collingwood

In 2013 City Circle Demolition was contracted to perform the necessary demolition on the prominent site fronting Victoria Parade in close proximity to the Melbourne CBD. This formed one component of a project undertaken for the client, Porsche Cars Australia.

The work involved the demolition and removal of 18 concrete silos situated directly beside the national head office reaching a height of 36 metres. Atop these silos was a large steel framed structure supporting the carmakers neon sign widely recognised across the city skyline. The initial stages of this project were time consuming and required careful planning and execution by the on-site crew. Once the early stages were completed some challenges arose along the way, one being the size of the structure and in turn the access to the individual “pots” on the blind side. A large element of the works involved manual saw-cutting of the external walls from a perimeter scaffold to ensure the comprehensive control of the gradual collapse. The protected internal walls could be pulverised from a crane-suspended demolition attachment.

An integral part of this project was our relationships. City Circle employed essential sub-contractors to assist them for the duration of the work.

Once the crew on site had created an opening in the structure we were able to employ a specialised Ultra High Reach Demolition Excavator (160 tonne, 45 metre reach) to really break the back of the structure and enable us to increase the speed, level of safety, and cost efficiency. Dust and noise emission levels were radically reduced from what is typically associated with a level by level demolition.

This was a project yielding a very high level of recyclable material. All of the steel extracted was sent for recycling and the rubble produced was transported to our concrete recycling plants to create a high class product for future development applications.

The experience gained on this project was invaluable as well as providing impetus to seek similar large projects within confined boundaries.